Quickly draw floor plans with Cedreo and get cost estimates in CostCertified.

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the Cedreo + CostCertified integration

Cedreo allows residential construction professionals to upload design projects to CostCertified through a smooth and secure integration for a single, streamlined experience from design to estimates.


Streamlined sales experience from design to estimates

Get an instant edge by providing home buyers with a newly created 3D floor plan, complete with costs in under 2 hours.
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Time-saving 3D home design process

Stop outsourcing to expensive design firms and speed up your sales process with photo-realistic 3D home renderings that wow clients.

Accurate and customizable automatic quotes

Turn excruciating hours of administrative work of estimates, to about 10 mins and focus on what really matters.

Talk to sales to learn more about
the Cedreo + CostCertified integration


Use Cedreo to design floor plans in less than 2 hours

Draw floor plans intuitively in 2D, get instant 3D visualization and wow your clients with lightning-fast photo-realistic 3D home renderings. 2 hours is all it takes to better communicate your design vision with clients, speed up sales and grow your business.

Use CostCertified to estimate costs to build in 10 mins

Upload your Cedreo project in one click and get acurate estimates for your construction project. No more paper or innacurate estimates: make flexible and easy-to-modify quotes faster with automatic calculation in about 10 mins.

Make sales process faster

The Cedreo + CostCertified integration is the only frictionless experience in construction and remodeling. It enables you to quickly connect client, supplier, and contractor, in one seamless experience, for a faster sales process from floor plan design to cost estimation, giving you an instant edge.

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Cutting Edge Technology for Build & Design

Cedreo is a very user friendly platform with exceptional features. Minamilst layout and not overly complicated and with minimal training.

Sheree R.
Co-Owner Interior & Architectual Designer

Truly takes the stress out of the entire renovation process

And it makes it more fun and organized.

Sebrina Petersen

Great Choice!

Cedreo allows you to quickly mock up a whole scheme in just a couple of hours which really saves so much time!

Frankie S.
Interior Designer

Great software at a great price.

Cedreo is easy to use and offers me the ability to let customers see their finished product before it is built. Many customers have a hard time visualizing typical construction plans. The 3D view let our customers get a true feeling of the finished product they will be getting.

Gail B.

Love the power of Cost Certified to quickly communicate with customers

about costs and upgrades and give them much fuller control of the final appearance of the renovation. Definitely an edge on the competition.

Greg Bilser
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the Cedreo + CostCertified integration